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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi, I'm Niv!
I'm a somewhat grumpy, yet energetic person in general. I'm not very serious about art and don't plan to become professional at it, but I like to draw dragons and birds, and things in-between, and to take photos of plants.

After a long hiatus of very little activity I'm trying to network a bit more, but it's yet to be seen how that will go.


Raven Bust by Niverdia
Raven Bust
Long time no non-RP art posted, eh? fire hte laze 

Bust commission of PTArionn's demon OC Raven that I finished a while ago (and posted on tumblr etc.). I had a lot of fun with the hair and horns, and skull and everything, thanks for commissioning me, friend! <:'3 
[SM] App - Merindah by Niverdia
[SM] App - Merindah


:new: 22/11/15 Upgraded to R3! Meri is now part of the very small team lemon sorbet yellow. 

EDIT 15/11/15: Finally upgraded my kid to R2. Gosh, Meri looks so old/sad in this picture, but R2 isn't going to stay around for long.
My RP preferences are comment or .doc RP

☆ No. 0094

Name: Merindah [meh-reen-duh]
Rank: 03
Type: C

Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 145 cm

Root: Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus)
Side: White
Winter uniform: Default winter uniform R1 White


The fate and exact parentage of Merindah's parents are unknown, and she was sold as a baby cumimi with a bald head and stubby, naked wings to landowner who owned a mansion a half-day's horse ride to Degate. The landowner oversaw the raising of grain, fruit, and horses that were both pretty and carry a rider for a whole day over the flat terrain of the land, so he had money for amusements, since he shunned strong drinks and those who became dependent on them, and a bird cumimi was a rarely seen thing in those parts, and perhaps she would sing sweetly as she grew up and amuse him and the frequent guests he'd host for a number of reasons throughout the year. The landowner took pride in himself for being a learned man for his rustic setting, and as the girl started to display the traits of a cockatiel root, he named her Merindah, an aboriginal name from the area around the old pre-cataclysm city of Sydney, Australia, to point to the cockatiel's origin country.

As Merindah showed musical talent from early on, the landowner got a teacher for her to hone her singing and dancing (she looked so cute with her hair, crest and wings all puffed out as she twirled), and she learned reading, writing and counting from the housekeeper, but showed no talent for playing instruments – which posed no problem, since her sweet voice and light-footed dancing would often complement whatever musicians the landowner would hire in the nearby villages for his parties.

It's questionable how much the servants of the manor liked her, but they remained politely distant for the most part. Merindah was mostly left to her own devices outside of lessons and being shown off to the landowner's frequent guests, and she spent a lot of time wandering around the fields of barley and rye, and oak forests near the mansion, and reading the two shelves of books the mansion boasted over and over again – which was more than could be said for any other home in the nearer two villages. The landowner and his wife didn't have children of their own, and the servants' children wouldn't play or even talk much with Merindah. While it may be that they avoided her because of her being different – a cumimi, whereas all the other children in the household were pure human – Merindah's high standing with the landowner and reading memoirs of certain writers of the land, which often included childhood accounts of social barriers between different children at households – ingrained her with a feeling of self worth and belonging to the higher social order of her circle. And so Merindah didn't develop hatred for the other children who ignored her and would usually suffice with talking to her teacher, the landowner and his wife, and their guests – thus learning much about local politics and economics, due to mostly being in touch with adults - because this apparently was how the world worked – different social strata shouldn't mix and there was nothing she could do about it.

One day in early winter when Merindah had recently turned 12, she was invited to go along on a trading trip to the seaside town of Degate to see more of the world than just the nearest villages to the manor, to trade some of the manor's fruit and a couple of that year's foals for dried fish and seal pelts because that winter promised to be very cold inland, and sealskin coats were the warmest. Merindah was told to pack warmly and to bring extra things, because the trip would last several days. The landowner and his people arrived to Degate in the evening and stayed in a local in. On the next morning, sunny and cold, the landowner took Merindah to walk with him around Degate. In the town square, he pointed her towards and elderly priest and told her: “Talk to the priest while I do business with the fishermen. He may have very interesting stories about the town's history and the lands around it.”


Merindah is smart and a fast learner, and is eager to show herself in this light – in her opinion, she is doing well, if she's doing better than everyone she doesn't respect. Gregarious by nature (will try to talk to everybody at least once), but lacks social skills – she may babble for hours on end about whatever interests her and somewhat lacks empathy and understanding of social favours. Criticising her will usually mean earning disdain from her, as her upbringing has also given her a sense of entitlement to be seen as important and worthwhile company. Basically, she's an optimistic snob for now, and it remains to be seen how living with other cumimis near the graveyard will shift her perspective on life and other people.

+ Intelligent;
+ Curious;
+ Social, will try to get to know everybody at least a bit;
+ Creative;
+ Persistent;
+ Idealistic.

- Insensitive, doesn't know when to shut up;
- Gullible;
- Vengeful, keeps grudges;
- Takes criticism too personally;
- Easily scared/stressed;
- Envious.

Likes: Summer / long walks / reading / writing a diary / flowers / studying / hugging / fruit /

Dislikes: Disrespectful and/or stupid people / cold weather / salty foods / dirty or messy things / being ordered around by people that don't deserve her respect due to perceived lower intelligence / closed spaces / bad singing / crude humour


    R3 Creator - Construct; Able to summon, construct more complex shapes and objects, but only as long as user actually knows how these things are constructed; Limited to elements - no biological tissue or structure.

Time spent in the house: About a week in December
While at first Merindah was upset due to being essentially ditched by her caretaker and then slightly creeped out by all the strange abilities most cumimis that she'd met seemed to possess, she's been quickly brought up to speed through Neo's gift of a memory lecture and since then Merindah has been way more impressed than scared by other cumimi's skills - even if she hasn't been in a hurry to discover her own. 

Other than that, Merindah's been making friends, and a few enemies - most of all, a certain paranoid panda - and is curious about what the upcoming mission will entail.


  • Due to her root, Merindah has very keen hearing and sight during the day, but is nearsighted in the dark; she is also a real morning lark and feels perky as soon as dawn comes near;

  • Hasn't learned to fly at all yet, since the landowner she grew up with had her primaries clipped to prevent any chances of her escaping;

  • Gets very physical with people she feels close to; essentially a hugger and cheek-kisser :'D

  • Likes sweets, but gets sick quickly if she eats too much of them. Dosage is very important. 

  • Gestures a LOT when talking.

  • The dance form she learned is derived from Bharata Natyam, and her teacher was of Indian descent, although it remains questionable how much authenticity is preserved as a consequence of the global cataclysms; 

  • The songs she knows are mostly local peasant songs and ballads, and ritual songs connected to her dance studies.

  • New Curtsies pretty much every time she meets a new person.

Relationship chart (I NEED TO UPDATE THIS)
:new: All Apps

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